peer-to-peer paradigm

Practice with peers who speak your language.

Pragmatic pathways

Participate in programs that excite.

partnership prospects

Promote platforms of colaboration.

Multiple Programs for One Purpose

Year-round opportunities to accompany you throughout your academic journey.
Free/reduced tuition for the financially challenged.
URM students are encouraged to apply.

SMILE – Spring Math Inclusive Learning Event

Hone your skills through a fun and engaging one-month program.

Hack fun math problems in a math game.

Conclude the program with a fun celebration. Expect certificates and awards! 

SCOPE – Summer Camps of Profound Engagement 

Our summer camps provoke thoughts, develop problems solving skills, and entice curiosity!

SMART – School Math Assitance Ready Today

Have an urgent math question that cannot wait? No problem! Equity Learning offers classes all year round to help solidify foundations, enrich learning experiences, and foster a passion for greatness.