Equity Learning is committed to building opportunities, bolstering communities, and bridging gaps for youth and beyond.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  – Milton Berle

2023 -2024 Class Offerings 

Online classes for universal access

Small-size classes for superior individual attention

Inspiring teen teachers who have lots of common interests with students

Flexible office hours for additional support

Free tuition for students qualifying for reduced or free lunch at school

All levels of math from K – 12 covered

School math and competitive math covered

2023 – 2024 Classes Registration. Welcome aboard!


Equity Learning offers classes all year round to help solidify foundations, enrich learning experiences, and foster a passion for greatness.

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Equity Learning is a community of helping hands to develop your talent, make real impacts, elevate your potential, and elevate society.

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Equity Learning amplifies its contributions by partnering with the community to provide academic and financial support to those in need.

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